How many calories in a peach?

How many calories in a peach?

We all enjoy a nice juicy peach, but for those of us on calorie counting diets we need to know how many calories are in our beloved peaches. You want to enjoy them, safe in the knowledge that your not going over your calorie count.

Peaches have an outer yellow to red skin and grown on small deciduous trees. Peaches with white flesh are usually very sweet, while those with a more yellowy flesh tend to have a more acidic taste. Peaches like most fruits have a number of health benefits.


There are just 39 calories in a peach. This is based upon 100g of fruit with the skin still attached. For more information on peach calories and peach nutrition continue reading or go straight to the peach calorie chart


Benefits Of Peaches

So what are the main benefits of peaches in our diet?

  • Peaches mainly comprise of water (in fact up to 80% of a peach is water) and therefore are very good source of dietary fiber, and in turn good for those of us on a weight loss diet.
  • As peaches are an excellent source of dietary fiber and along with their mild laxative effect, they will keep our digestive system in order.
  • Peaches are rich in Vitamin A and may help prevent cancer in our organs and glands.
  • Being rich in Vitamin C they will help our skin and give us a healthy glow.
  • Recent research also suggest that they are a good source of antioxidants, helping us ward off cancer.


How Many Calories In A Peach?

So, now we know what the benefits of eating peaches in our diet are, but how many calories in a peach? Well there are a number of factors that affect how we count calories in a peach. Is the peach fresh, dried, or is it canned and of course how big is the peach?

Calories In A Peach – Raw

Serving Serving Weight Number of peach calories
- 100g 39.0 kcal (163 kJ)
- 1oz / 28g 10.9 kcal (45.6 kJ)
1 cup slices 154g 60.1 kcal (252 kJ)
1 small (diameter: 2-1/2″ | 6.5cm) 130g 50.7 kcal (212 kJ)
1 medium (diameter: 2-2/3″ | 6.75cm ) 150g 58.5 kcal (245 kJ)
1 large (diameter 2-3/4″ | 6.9cm) 175g 68.3 kcal (286 kJ)
1 extra large (diameter: 3″ | 7.62cm ) 224g 87.4 kcal (366 kJ)
1 NLEA Serving 147g 57.3 kcal (240 kJ)

source: USDA National Nutrient Database


Calories In A Peach – Dried

Serving Serving Weight Number of peach calories
- 100g 239.0 kcal (1000 kJ)

source: USDA National Nutrient Database

Calories In A Peach – Canned

While there are figures published by various bodies and indeed on other sites, if your eating canned peaches, then the chances are that you have bought the can. We recommend that you check the labeling on your can as this will provide the most accurate information, as the ingredients and the processes involved in producing canned peaches can affect the calorific value.

Calorie Counting And Weight Loss

Counting and restricting the number of calories in our daily diet will help us to lose weight (importantly without the use of diet pills and other weight loss supplements). Combine this calorie restriction along with an exercise plan and your on the road the better healthy you. Diet pills and weight loss supplements may work in the short term but by understanding and being able to control your daily calorie intake along with a exercise regime is the best long term way to lose the weight and even more importantly – keep it off! An average mans calorie intake should be around 2500 calories per day, while a woman requires 2000 calories per day. These figures are the number of calories your need per day to keep your current weight – they don’t take into account how active you are, but they are a good guide.

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